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ReceptionHQ Testimonials - Virtual Receptionist

"Thank you Jill for all your help, it was truly a pleasure speaking with you. I am so very pleased with the ReceptionHQ service. Our Company switched in Dec. from a Virtual Office and your LIVE staff to answer our calls have been a PLUS for our service. Your staff is pleasant & courteous and enunciate well our Company name (which is hard to do)! Keep up the GREAT service, and again THANK YOU!!" - Bryan A

"From the way all appears it's as if you and your team and our team here in the office pulled everything off wonderfully while I was out of town. Thank you so much for your help and let all the girls know I greatly appreciated all their efforts." - Dana

"Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with your service. You have been able to reach us by texting on several occasions allowing us to quickly return urgent calls from our customers while we were on the road away from our office, thus reinforcing our reputation for quality customer service. We have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!" - B Adler,

"To all the lovely ladies at ReceptionHQ. What a great job you do! I hope to work with you again some time. Thanks for the laughs and the co-operation. Much appreciated!" - Gina L.

"I personally find the girls very professional and their message taking skills are top notch." - John.

"I can now can finally rest assured that my calls are been handled professionally! I have tested it along with my partner a couple of times and calls were answered exactly as expected, our complements to your staff." - Paul D.

"I have been very happy with the service so far. Your people do an excellent job." - David P.

"Just a quick email to state that my clients have been extremely impressed with the high quality phone manner displayed by your team. I have been receiving countless compliments on there phone manner over the last 6 months, their assertiveness, there friendly and vibrant nature. I never took the time to send you a email however I made a point of it today after one of my clients once again complimented the receptionist and I had to find out who it was..on this occasion it was Petra however the whole team should be commended. This makes us look extremely good with our clients and I cannot thank you enough for improving our already good reputation in the Industry. A great receptionist is always the opening for any organisation." - Patrick B.

"I am introducing you to George from ReceptionHQ. As mentioned they are a fantastic answering service that I use. They take my messages between 9am and 5pm each day. When the message is taken I receive an email to my blackberry etc, and a text message to my phone with the details. You can change your settings yourself, it is a great service." - Mike C.

"I am constantly receiving positive feedback from my clients about the phone answering - this service is by far the best in the country. Keep up the great work!" - B Byrne, Micro I.T. Solutions

"The service is excellent, the girls are all wonderful and my clients think I have a receptionist sitting out the front of the office - perfect!" - Geoff, Auscom Finance

"Great, LOVING YOUR SERVICE. Happy to recommend it to anyone." - Mike C.

"Our calls are being handled professionally and effectively by their friendly staff. We highly recommend others to take advantage of this exceptional service." - Hunter Valley Legal

"I run my business from home and don't get a lot of calls so the $40 Standard package is perfect for me. Thanks for a great product - the girls always brighten my day with their friendly service" - Larry Philips, Newcastle First Mortgage

"Hi, This is my first month using your service and I have to say that I am very pleased. I love the way the receptionists answer the call as though they were right in the office!" - Dina

"Check out ReceptionHQ. You should hear the way they answer the phone; believe me, as someone who does phone skills training, these guys are as good as it gets… You can even test them out for 7 days for free and you have everything to gain by doing so. Tell them I sent you!"

"Thank you for your wonderful quality service while I had the need for live answering." - L. Young

"We are really excited to recommend ReceptionHQ. Not only do they answer our calls but they book all our appointments for us, this makes running the business so much more enjoyable and efficient." - Marianne Love, Aspire Counselling Services

"This is the best answering service I have ever had. You girls do excellent work. I am so happy you called to check on me. I love this service. Have a excellent evening." - Val

"The service is great and my clients think I have finally put on a receptionist! Your girls really create a different perspective for my company. I'm so glad I found you." - Peter McLean

"All our inbound calls for our franchise network are now handled by ReceptionHQ. It gives all our franchisees a professional image and we never miss a call." - Glenda Jacobs, Busy Bee Bookkeepers

"When I am with clients, its rude to take calls. Customers will ring the next agent if they get voicemail, so I can't do without ReceptionistPlus. I am saving a fortune now that I don't need to pay for a full time receptionist."- John Rickett, National Real Estate

"I must add that the service we have received form you and your colleagues has been exceptional and extremely professional." - Reza B.

"I just want to send a quick email to say how much I appreciate and enjoy your service. All the receptionists who are working on my number are doing such a great job. Your service has given me a big business presence and has added to my own level professionalism. ReceptionHQ is fantastic!!! Keep it up!" - Bert M.

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