Voicemail-to-email automated messaging

Having voicemail messages emailed to you is a low-cost solution to simplify your business communication.

Voicemail-to-email solutions can be provided whether utilizing your existing number, a virtual local number or a toll-free number.

Have voicemails sent instantly to nominated email addresses so no important message ever slips by

24/7 or scheduled automated messaging

Our automated voicemail-to-email services can each operate 24/7 or on your desired schedule.

Custom voicemail greeting

Record a personal greeting for your voicemail-to-email service or have our in-house voice talent record it for you.

Open messages in your inbox

Receive voicemails as audio messages attached to emails, automatically without having to retrieve them.

Pricing & Plans

Available as stand-alone or bundle with another service.

Voicemail to Email Lite

per month

Free local number (numbers available anywhere in America)

All messages sent by email included

Pay as you go

Excess minutes $0.10 per minute*

Month to month plan, cancel any time

Inquire now

* Plus relevant sales tax. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works

Bundle with other business solutions

+ Phone numbers

Receive a free local number with your Live Call Answering package with the option to add multiple local numbers and Toll-free numbers.

+ Virtual address

Choose a Virtual Address for your business to expand your presence, without expensive overheads or the need to relocate.

+ Live call answering

Never miss a customer call with our Live Call Answering services that include custom greetings, message taking, and appointment bookings.


A voicemail message is simply an electronic audio recording of the message that was left for you by a caller.  Using the Voicemail to Email service, voicemail messages are sent to you via email, so you can hear the original message left and save your messages for as long as you need.

When someone leaves you a new voicemail, you’ll instantly be sent an email with a .wav file attached.  Simply open this email and double click on the .wav file to play your voicemail message through your computer or phone audio.  As voicemail messages are sent electronically, they can be forwarded within your company just as you would any other email message.

Each voicemail message will be sent to you via email as a .wav file attachment.  This means you can listen to the original message through your phone or computer, store your voicemail messages for record-keeping and forward the message to anyone in the company who may need to act on it.  To open a .wav file, simply double click the attachment and it will play through your default audio player.

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Groundwork Group have partnered with ReceptionHQ for the past 7 years … we could not run our business without them.
Stephen Beeby, Groundwork Group

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Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put America’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put America’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

What does the free trial include?

The trial is based on our ReceptionistPlus service, with our team of virtual receptionists able to take messages and transfer calls based on your availability settings.


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