About ReceptionHQ

Blazing the trail in outsourced virtual reception and phone answering solutions since 2003.

ReceptionHQ are leaders in virtual receptionist and telephone answering solutions and services. We believe your business, no matter what the size, will benefit from the human connection of having your customer or client calls always answered by a friendly, professional receptionist.

We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of OfficeHQ, a global answering service company, with our local operations and US Head Office based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our UK and Australian operations provide global ‘follow the sun’ 24/7 virtual receptionist coverage if your business needs this. We provide a premium customer experience for every call into your business and strive to exceed your expectations at every level. Find out more about our Mission, Vision & Values.

Our receptionists are local, our service is 24/7 and your callers will always be listened to and valued.
We’re also proud to say our receptionists are valued employees, not contractors. We value them as highly as we do our clients.

Read on to meet a number of our warm, professional Receptionists along with our Management, Client Services, Call Center Operations, Marketing and Development Team members.

ReceptionHQ US Team
Receptionist Team

ReceptionHQ Receptionist Team

ReceptionHQ receptionists are second to none. To us they are gold! All Receptionist Team members work hard to maintain standards of excellence. They respect your customers and value your business reputation as highly as you do. One receptionist recently said, “The ReceptionHQ culture is friendly, fun and we’re all very supportive of each other.” Another added, “ReceptionHQ is an organization that listens to its clients and staff alike, this is what creates such a positive team environment.”

Whitley H ReceptionHQ Receptionist
Receptionist Team

Whitley H


Whitley joined ReceptionHQ in 2016. She takes pride in establishing a rapport with our clients and their callers. Whitley says, “Working in the ReceptionHQ environment is unique and every call is different with a lot of variety.” She adds, “Our staff support is amazing, we are a close team almost like family. I really enjoy what I do.”

Destiny H ReceptionHQ Receptionist
Receptionist Team

Destiny H


Destiny has been part of the ReceptionHQ team since 2016. She feels she embodies the ReceptionHQ brand of courteous, friendly and professional service. She says “I love working with such a great team and offering my support and guidance to newer team members.”

Marisella V Receptionist
Receptionist Team

Marisella V


Marisella has been with ReceptionHQ since 2010 and is our bi-lingual, Spanish speaking, Latin sensation! She deftly, promptly and professionally answers client calls. Marisella says, “I strive to provide each and every client with a premier answering service.” She adds, “I marvel at the constantly evolving cloud-based technology our IT Department bring to the table.” Marisella thoroughly enjoys being a part of the fun and flexible ReceptionHQ team.

Daniel E ReceptionHQ Receptionist
Receptionist Team

Daniel E


Daniel joined ReceptionHQ in December 2016. He brings over 15 years of service excellence experience to our team. Daniel says, “I thrive in the ReceptionHQ environment! I feel like I work for over a thousand different companies and each day brings new learning opportunities.” Daniel lives by the famous quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Jordi D ReceptionHQ Team Lead
Receptionist Team

Jordi Delfin

Team Leader

Jordi has been with ReceptionHQ since 2015.  Jordi’s responsible for supporting the Team and ensuring all Receptionists consistently deliver superior service to our clients and their customers. Jordi says, “We have an amazing team with an outstanding office culture.” He adds, “We’re all very close and consistently challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves.” Jordi is an aspiring actor and is also a newlywed.

Lorren Warren ReceptionHQ Service Excellence & Workforce Manager
Client Services Team

Lorren Warren

Head of Client Services & Sales

Lorren came to ReceptionHQ with over 10 years of managerial experience. As the Head of Client Services and Sales, she analyzes the needs of ReceptionHQ and the needs of our Clients. “Service excellence is our mission, the critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our clients. We strive to not only meet our commitments and client expectations but to exceed them on every level and deliver exceptional value.”

Marisa M Client Services Coordinator
Client Services Team

Marisa Mena

Client Services Coordinator

Marisa joined the ReceptionHQ Team as a Receptionist in August 2015. She has since been promoted to Client Services Coordinator. Marisa says, “I appreciate all the opportunities ReceptionHQ has presented to me.” She really enjoys working with ReceptionHQ clients and adds, “ReceptionHQ is unlike any company I’ve ever worked for. At ReceptionHQ we focus on securing a client, not a sale. Every contact we have with a client influences our relationship with them. We have to be great every time. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations.”

Business Development

Doug Page

US Business Development Director

Doug joined ReceptionHQ in 2019. He brings 20 plus years of enterprise sales and business development in the Communication’s Technology field. “Bringing cutting edge solutions and exceeding customer expectations is what fuels my day and why ReceptionHQ is such a perfect fit for me. Technology has to work for the client and not the other way around. The culture here is all about the client’s experience and why I am proud to be a part of the team.”

David Atkinson ReceptionHQ CEO
Management Team

David Atkinson


David founded OfficeHQ, our Australian parent company, 14 years ago with one virtual receptionist, a VOIP platform built from the ground up and a handful of clients. Since then, David has grown the business to over 150 receptionists in the US, Australia and the UK, and more than 25,000 happy customers, all serviced via a robust, cloud-based, constantly enhanced technology platform. David says “Our two greatest strengths are our people and our technology platform.” He firmly believes the key to a happy team is work-life balance, flexibility and fun. David adds, “I like to think of the ReceptionHQ and OfficeHQ team as a big family. We all love a party and celebrating our successes.” Looking ahead, David would like to have a global team Christmas party in Hawaii.

Steve Lombardo General Manager
Management Team

Steve Lombardo

General Manager

With a long career in IT and Infrastructure, Steve’s involved in the management of the Sydney Head Office and also assists with global operations. Steve believes the strengths of ReceptionHQ are directly related to the team and says, “Our core service is answering our clients’ callers and this is performed by our very talented and professional receptionists.” Steve adds, “Our IT and customer service teams enable our receptionists to do their job efficiently.“

Ryan Mitchell CFO
Management Team

Ryan Mitchell


As Chief Financial Officer, Ryan is responsible for all things financial globally, including performance reporting, financial planning, pricing and compliance and assessing commercial arrangements.  Among the many unique qualities of the business Ryan enjoys, the people and culture are foremost. Ryan says, “I would describe ReceptionHQ’s culture as fun and engaging. We are dynamic in our decision-making and everyone’s voice is heard, which ultimately helps us become a better business.”

Luisa Di-Finizio Global Head of Contact Centers
Call Center Operations

Luisa Di-Finizio

Global Head of Contact Centers

Luisa joined ReceptionHQ in May 2018 and is responsible for call centre operations in the US, UK and Australia. Luisa works closely with our team leaders, and their locally-based teams of virtual receptionists, to grow and deliver the premium receptionist experience we provide for our clients’ callers. She says, “The ReceptionHQ team is highly engaged and there’s a great culture. I truly believe the possibilities are limitless.” Originally from Scotland, Luisa has extensive experience overseeing contact centre operations in various locations around the world.

Amy Shaw ReceptionHQ Manager of Customer Experience & Service Excellence
Call Center Operations

Amy Shaw

Customer Experience Manager

Amy joined the ReceptionHQ team in in 2015. As the Customer Experience Manager, Amy’s responsibilities include managing the day-to-day activities of the Receptionist Team and ensuring the ReceptionHQ brand of superior service is always adhered to. Amy says, “This involves hiring, motivating, recognizing and rewarding, coaching, counseling, training, problem-solving and creating a dynamic culture.” She adds, “The outcome is our customers’ clients always experience courteous, friendly and professional receptionists on every call.”

Development Team

Ashley Van Gerven

Software Development Manager

Leading a team of developers, Ashley is responsible for managing and optimizing our in-house, custom-built call answering, managing and tracking platform. Working closely with all other departments to plan and design enhancements, Ashley says, “It’s a great environment to work in. Everyone’s proud of the global service we offer and are motivated to optimize our systems and provide clients new options.” Before joining the team in 2003, Ashley worked with Internet providers and web development firms. Originally hailing from the Netherlands, rather intriguingly Ash speaks with a South African accent and one day would like to witness the Serengeti migration in Tanzania.

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