Case Studies

Discover how ReceptionHQ’s virtual reception and phone answering solutions benefit businesses of all sizes. From reducing costs, to assisting with call overflow, presenting a more professional image and creating more time to work on other things - read what our customers have to say. Property Management

We are a property management company that services the DC Metro area and Greater Houston. ReceptionHQ plays a huge role in our company’s operations. We use their live answering service to handle all overflow phone calls for our company. This means no unanswered or missed calls. They forward all calls to us as needed and they never miss a message when someone isn’t available. They have a great system in place for their virtual reception and telephone answering services. We recommend ReceptionHQ as they are reliable and good.

Property management answering service client FlatFeeLandlord

The Spencer Law Firm

ReceptionHQ are great. In my own practice their virtual reception service helps out greatly. I now have time to do real work, instead of answering all of my calls. The email and text feature is great as well, as it allows me to prioritize my efforts.

Legal answering service client The Spencer Law Firm

Car Buyer USA

We are a national consumer-direct car buying agency with a $16M annual budget. We have enjoyed a multi-year relationship with ReceptionHQ and found their service to be superior. Specifically, they do what they are supposed to and they answer the phone in the high 90th percentile range. Our assigned agents are always well trained, polite and well-managed. It is rare that we have a hiccup and problems are non-existent. The account management team is extremely responsive and I can honestly say a blessing to work with. ReceptionHQ is one of our BEST providers, period and they always look for a reason to say yes and help us find solutions to help us grow our business.

Call answering service client Car Buyer USA

Law Office of Andrea W. S. Paris

I made the switch from another virtual receptionist service to ReceptionHQ. As a solo attorney with a mostly virtual practice, I can’t, nor do I want, to pick up every call that comes in. It’s important however that a live person answers my calls so clients, and potential clients, feel they’re taken care of. I’ve received great feedback on the professionalism of the OfficeHQ virtual receptionists. Two other factors that made me choose ReceptionHQ were: 1) The ability to change my availability/unavailability status and message settings in real-time, using the website portal or smartphone app; and 2) the transparency in billing. I can see immediately where I stand on my plan. I am very happy with ReceptionHQ and would recommend the service to anyone who doesn’t want to take on the cost or responsibility of hiring a receptionist to pick up their phones.

Legal virtual receptionist service client Andrea WS Paris

Kaye Stern Properties

ReceptionHQ assists us by taking calls for our Property Management Company. ReceptionHQ receptionists answer our phone calls like they work for our company. They answer general calls and are especially very helpful with emergency calls. When there is an emergency, ReceptionHQ forward the calls to our maintenance staff. They also send us an email which summarizes which tenant called in, their contact information and address. This is very helpful.

Property management virtual receptionist services client Kaye Stern Properties

Our Team

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Answering Service & Virtual Receptionist Services

ReceptionHQ provides a professional phone and virtual assistant answering service in America. Our experienced, friendly, and USA based receptionists make it easy to connect you with your customers by answering your calls when you aren’t available.

You can get set up in a matter of minutes, using your preferred and distinct greeting. There are no lock-in contracts, and there are an extensive range of virtual receptionist services and a telephone answering service to suit your business needs.

Whether you are a small or large business, you can relax knowing that you’ll never miss a potential appointment, or urgent call again. A virtual receptionist is experienced, personable, and has exceptional customer service skills, all while costing significantly less than a full-time receptionist.

Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

Use great communication to stand out from your competitors. ReceptionHQ combines the best receptionists in the USA with cutting-edge technology to make your customers feel valued, understood, and important. Our extensive professional answering service experience allows us to provide high-quality and innovative features which utilize the latest technology solutions.

Locally answered calls

Nothing can be more frustrating for customers than speaking to someone who doesn’t understand accents, language, and tone. Which is why all ReceptionHQ receptionists are based on-shore in America, providing the best answering service for every call.

Custom Greetings With Your Scripts

We help you keep your personal touch, and our live receptionist service team answer every call with your preferred professional greeting. We use your provided script to give your business a voice. It’s also possible to have tailored on-hold messages which take the customer experience to the next level.

24 hour answering service

Never miss an important call, opportunity, or potential sales lead ever again. Our virtual receptionist team never sleep and provide a 24 hour answering service to ensure your business can be reached 24/7. On average, our call answering service answers calls within 10 seconds, to leave a lasting first impression.

Flexible Service

With month-to-month subscriptions, you have complete control. Forget about lock-in contracts or cancellation fees. Instead, you can take advantage of a flexible and scalable answering service and virtual receptionist services, which provides support as your business evolves. You can scale up as your business grows, or to cope with peak periods, as well as scale down during quieter times. You have complete flexibility.

How A Virtual Answering Service Works For Your Business

Having a virtual answering service is easy! An experienced and friendly ReceptionHQ receptionist in America will answer the call and politely greet your caller based on your script.

They will screen calls, and handle them however you prefer. A live receptionist will call you to announce who is calling and about what, and then transfer the call to you to accept. However, if you’re busy, the live receptionist will take a message and send you a notification by text or email.

You can focus on working on other things, with peace of mind to know that your calls will always be answered by our answering service. You can then check your messages at a time which is convenient for you.

If you already have a receptionist, ReceptionHQ can provide an overflow or peak service, lunch relief, and holiday cover. We also can provide your business with a 24/7 telephone answering service, so you never miss an important call ever again.

Contact Management In Real-Time

You can notify our live answering service online in real-time with our easy to use smartphone apps or web client portal to notify us of your greeting, call, transfer, and message preferences. Unavailable to take calls? Just quickly update your status, and we’ll take messages for you exactly as a live receptionist would do.

Types of Services

At ReceptionHQ, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs, from a small business to a large corporation. Whether you require a virtual receptionist, assistant, or corporate services, our friendly answering service receptionists are ready to assist.

Service options include:

  • 24/7 answering phone calls service by a friendly, live receptionist, who uses your script to ensure all calls represent your brand and values.
  • Call transfers, messaging service, customized greetings
  • Month-to-month packages priced on call volumes and is even available as pay as you go, to give you the best possible value.
  • Keep your existing number, or we can provide you with a new one
  • Customized on-hold messages to add a level of professionalism to your business.
  • Scripted questions and responses - your questions answered in-depth and resolved by a live answering service team.
  • Have a professional virtual assistant provide customer service, phone answering, scheduling appointments, manage reservations, and alter bookings.
  • Corporate solutions which include a dedicated account manager and a bespoke service completely tailored to provide a business phone answering service for your evolving needs.

What is an answering service?

An answering service provides a phone answering service, which can manage inbound calls, outbound call transfers and message taking. The telephone answering service is located in the USA to provide localized customer service for customers anywhere in America. We can also support answering service requirements internationally.

A 24 hour answering service is available around the clock and ensures you don’t miss any important calls. The service can relay urgent calls to dedicated staff, as well as free up employee time by screening non-urgent or superfluous calls.

As technology advances, a telephone answering service can now provide exceptional customer service. By using the smartphone app or the client web portal, you can instantly update your availability and instructions for the virtual receptionist to follow.

Besides a call answering service, they can also assist with scheduling and managing appointments in your preferred calendar or practice management tool.

It’s possible to have an entire team of people providing an answering service for less than you would pay someone to do a full-time receptionist job, meaning there isn’t just improved efficiency and customer service, but it can also help to slash costs.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist can assist your business without costing a fortune. They are the same as an actual receptionist, with one main difference. Instead of sitting in your physical office at the front desk, they instead work from home or in a virtual receptionist services office based anywhere in the USA. They handle all of your phone calls virtually, from a different location than where you are based.

Besides cutting back on expenses that you would need to pay for a live receptionist, such as a computer, headset, phone, desk, chair, stationary, and more by outsourcing, you also won’t have to pay a regular salary and any benefits to an employee.

A virtual receptionist can also handle basic admin and customer service questions, which can free up other staff members time, or reduce the number of permanent employees you need. Virtual receptionist services cover anything from taking messages, to scheduling appointments, answering customer questions, and dealing with any issues.

It’s possible to train a virtual receptionist team to handle either simple or complex tasks, depending on what you wish to handle yourself, and what you want to outsource.

Try an answering service with ReceptionHQ now with a free 7-day trial period with no credit card required. Get set up immediately for virtual receptionist services to begin answering phone calls for your business today.

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