Supporting US businesses affected by the pandemic

We understand it’s not ‘business as usual’. These are uncertain times and many businesses are having to change how they operate, at least temporarily.

ReceptionHQ is here to support your customers and keep your staff connected, even if they aren’t in the same place.

Here are some examples of low-cost support we’ve provided to businesses,
most of which can be set up in minutes …

Here are some examples of low-cost support we’ve provided to businesses, most of which can be set up in minutes …

Call answering for remote working

If you need to transition your office to a remote working setup and you don’t have a way to answer your office phone and transfer calls, our experienced receptionists can help. We can answer some or all of your calls – any time, day or night. Once answered, we can transfer your calls to specific people you nominate, manage bookings or simply take messages. Whatever you need to keep your business running.

Sick or carer’s leave cover for your receptionists

Receptionists are the front face of your business, so it’s difficult to keep your business running smoothly when they’re away. When your receptionists call in sick, our virtual receptionists can fill in your gaps. Whether it’s all calls or just the overflow, we can set up within minutes and you only pay for the calls we answer.

Absentee line

If your employees (or students) become unwell, we can help you set up an ‘absentee line’. Once in place, your employees can call in to record their absences and well as receive any information you wish to provide about workplace changes. You can opt to receive absentee notifications via text message or email, so you can be sure everyone is safe.

Call overflow or after hours support

If you’re faced with more inquiries than usual or you need to provide support after business hours, we can help keep things under control. After answering your calls with your custom greeting, we can triage your calls, so you can decide when we transfer versus take a message.

Taking customer orders

Some restaurants, cafés, fruit shops etc are attempting to move to home delivery models. This means finding new ways to take orders. We’ve set some businesses up with a dedicated phone line, so our receptionists can answer calls, take down orders and send the required order via text.

Temporary office closures

Self-isolation can be challenging for businesses to manage. If, unfortunately, you find yourself having to temporarily close your business, we can ensure your phones are still answered. Service set up takes less than ten minutes, so we can respond quickly when you call. Depending on your needs, we can screen callers, provide them with custom updates, transfer calls or take messages.

Our services will remain available, even if the situation changes. Our US-based receptionists work remotely and already answer calls 24×7 for over 10,000 businesses, every day.

Simply call us so we can answer any questions and tailor a package to meet your needs.

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