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Are calls answered within the United States?

Yes. ReceptionHQ’s team of receptionists based in the United States predominantly answer calls for our US clients during standard office hours, with overflow support available from our international teams such as in Australia and the UK.

Calls are answered by our team in the US whenever possible, however calls overflow to our international teams after hours and during unforeseen peaks in call volumes.

This enables us to provide 24/7 coverage for businesses that need it and ensure calls are always answered as fast as possible, reducing the risk of call abandonment. We know Average Speed of Answer (ASA) is very important to our clients and one of our key differentiators is that we’re able to answer calls in under 10 seconds, on average.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than most of our competitors and we’re one of the few answering service companies with a global presence, coupled with enterprise-grade call answering software. This combination enables us to provide seamless global call routing capability for your benefit.

Our staffing levels in the US are always intended to cover the expected call volumes, however on occasions when no local receptionist is available to answer within an acceptable timeframe the call will be routed to an equally skilled receptionist in one of our other locations. Rest assured, these are also highly-trained employees, who are held to the same excellent quality standards, rather than contractors.

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