Forwarding your business calls to ReceptionHQ’s reception team

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When you sign up to a ReceptionHQ virtual reception service, you’ll select either a local or toll-free number to be allocated to your account. This is also known as your Assigned DID (Direct Inward Dialling).

To ensure our receptionists can answer your calls, you need to either:

  1. Advertise your Assigned DID as your new business number
  2. Retain your existing business number and enable call forwarding to your Assigned DID

The latter is the best option for most businesses.

Who manages your call forwarding?

Setting up call forwarding from your existing business number must be handled by you. We are unable to manage this on your behalf.

The method for setting up a call diversion also differs depending on a couple of things:

  1. Who your telecommunications provider is
  2. Whether you want ReceptionHQ to answer all your calls or only the calls that you or your team are unable to answer in-house

You’re always fully in control

In many instances, you can choose between forwarding calls to ReceptionHQ:

  1. Immediately
  2. Only if they are not answered within a certain timeframe
  3. Only if there’s a busy signal

On this page we’ve included call diversion instructions for numerous telecommunications providers, however recommend that you double-check the settings with your provider in case they’ve changed their processes.

How our virtual reception service works

Call forwarding options

Immediate call forwarding

When someone calls your business phone number, the call is forwarded straight away to your virtual receptionists.

Having calls forwarded immediately is typically the best solution for most businesses.

After-hours answering only

If you want to continue answering calls in-house during the day, but have after-hours calls answered by ReceptionHQ’s virtual receptionists, you can simply:

  1. Turn call forwarding on at the start of every business day
  2. Turn call forwarding off at the end of every business day

Delayed call forwarding

When a call comes in on your business number, you or your team will have the opportunity to answer before it’s diverted to your virtual receptionists.

This is used by businesses wanting a call overflow solution. That is, only having virtual receptionists answer if their in-house team members are too busy to answer, can’t get to the phone for any other reason or are already on another call.

“No answer” diversion

Call forwarding will occur only if the call is not answered within a certain timeframe. Typically this would be between 5 seconds and 30 seconds, depending on your telecommunications provider and your diversion settings.

“Busy signal” diversion

Call forwarding will occur only if your line is already busy.

Call forwarding instructions

Click on your telecommunications provider’s name to see relevant call forwarding instructions or download our handy PDF guide.

Tap on your telecommunications provider’s name to see relevant call forwarding instructions or download our handy PDF guide.

Forwarding from AT&T

To forward all calls immediately: Dial *21* followed by the 10-digit Assigned DID that you want to forward your calls to, then press #.

To disable immediate call forwarding: Dial #21#

Delayed call forwarding

Please call 800.288.2020 for AT&T agent assistance to arrange either of the following:

  • Call forwarding when your number is busy
  • Call forwarding when you do not pick up after a certain number of rings
Forwarding from Call Rail
  1. Sign into your Call Rail account.
  2. Click Tracking at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the phone number that you would like to forward to us, and click Edit
  4. Click Edit next to Number Options.
  5. Scroll down the page until you reach the Forward calls section. Within that section, you will enter the 10-digit Assigned DID.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Once completed, click Return to Tracking.
  8. Ensure that when you are viewing the numbers on your account, the 10-digit Assigned DID is located next to the business number(s) you are forwarding.

Note: If you are trying to forward multiple numbers to us, you must repeat steps 3 to 6 for each individual number.

Forwarding from Dialpad

Note: You MUST be on the phone to complete.

  1. From dialpad.com, navigate to your Settings and scroll to Your Devices.
  2. Select Add New and then Add New Forwarding Number located at the bottom of the list.
  3. Input your 10-digit Assigned DID and verify.
  4. Once the submitted number is called and the prompt of “press 1” is executed, your forwarding is successful.
  5. To turn OFF forwarding, remove the number.
Forwarding from Google Fi
  1. From the Google Fi app main screen, scroll to Call Forwarding.
  2. Tap Call Forwarding in your Phone Settings.
  3. Tap Add a number.
  4. Tap the Number field.
  5. Enter your 10-digit Assigned DID.
  6. Tap the Next key.
  7. Enter a description (for example, ReceptionHQ Forwarding Number).
  8. IMPORTANT: Stop there and contact our customer service team before proceeding.
  9. AFTER contacting our customer service team, tap Verify by Call.
  10. The number you entered will receive a verification code from Google Fi, which will then be provided to you by our customer service team.
  11. Tap the 6-digit code field.
  12. Enter your code and click Verify.
Forwarding from Google Voice

You MUST have a pre-announcement. You MUST NOT have a VPN turned on.

  1. Click on the setting icon (the gear at the top right of the screen).
  2. Turn all PRE-SET settings off by clicking the Green Switch Buttons to gray them out.
  3. Under the Account tab on the settings page (scroll to the top of the page), click the + New Linked Number.
  4. Enter your 10-digit Assigned DID.
  5. IMPORTANT: Stop there and contact our customer service team before proceeding. You are only allowed 3 attempts to connect the forwarding successfully. If all 3 attempts are unsuccessful, you will need to wait 24 hours before trying to forward again.
  6. AFTER contacting our customer service team, click Verify by Phone (not SMS).
  7. Click the Call button, then click Call again.
  8. A pop-up window will appear in the field to enter the G-code, which will be provided to you by our customer service team.
  9. Once the G-code has been entered, click Verify.
Forwarding from Grasshopper
  1. Go to Settings > Call Forwarding Settings > Extensions
  2. Click Edit next to the number and extension, or create a new one.
  3. Select how you want Grasshopper to handle incoming and unanswered calls for each number you enter.
  4. Enter your 10-digit Assigned DID.
  5. You can configure your own schedule based on time of day and which phone you’ll be using.
  6. Choose which order you want Grasshopper to call each number.

To turn off call forwarding: Click Delete beside the Assigned DID.

Forwarding from JustCall
Conditional forwarding
  1. Navigate to the Number section & select an IVR-enabled JustCall Number.
  2. For an IVR option, select External Number in the drop-down under the Unanswered Call Forwarding Setting. Enter the number where you’d like to receive the call.
  3. Click Save Changes.

To enable call forwarding: Dial *72, enter the 10-digit Assigned DID to receive your redirected phone calls and press # then listen for a confirmation tone before hanging up.

To disable call forwarding: Dial *73 and wait to hear the confirmation tone.

Smartphone mobile app
  1. In the top left corner, click on your account image.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Choose the phone number for which you wish to enable call forwarding.
  4. Click Call Forwarding, then input your 10-digit Assigned DID.
  5. Click Save.
Forwarding from Nextiva
As an admin

From the NextOS admin home page, select Users > Actions > Voice Settings > Forwarding > Call forward always. Then, enter the 10-digit Assigned DID.

As a user

To enable call forwarding: Dial *72 followed by the 10-digit Assigned DID to forward calls to and then press #.

To disable call forwarding: Dial *73

Forwarding from Ooma

You can enable call forwarding by logging into your My Ooma account and navigating to the Call Forwarding option under the Preferences tab. You should see a page that is similar to the one pictured below.

Check the box to the left of each device that you would like to have ring when an incoming call comes in. You can choose any or all of the following devices:

  • Ring Telo: Your Ooma phones connected to your Telo Base Station or Phone Genie will ring.
  • Ring Mobile App: Calls can be received through the Ooma Home Phone app on your iOS device or Android device if you are running the latest version.
  • Ring [Number]: Calls can be forwarded to any domestic landline or cell phone. You can set up or update the forwarding number by clicking on the cog icon. You can also specify the circumstances under which calls will be forwarded to your Assigned DID.
Forwarding from RingCentral
  1. Sign into your RingCentral online account.
  2. Follow the navigation path depending on your access profile.
    • Admins: On the Quick Access page in the Admin Portal, navigate to Users > Manage Users. Select the extension to configure, then click Call Forwarding and Voicemail.
    • Users: Navigate to Settings > Call Forwarding and Voicemail
  3. Under the Work Hours tab, click Add number or coworker (see screenshot below).
  4. Choose whether the added number is a Number or Coworker under the Name column.
Forwarding from Sprint

To enable call forwarding: Dial *72 plus the 10-digit Assigned DID that you want to forward your calls to.

To disable call forwarding: Dial *720 and wait to hear the success message.

Forwarding from T-Mobile

To enable call forwarding: Dial *72 plus the 10-digit Assigned DID that you want to forward your calls to, followed by #.

To disable call forwarding: Dial *73 and wait to hear the confirmation dial tone.

Forwarding from Verizon

To enable immediate call forwarding: Dial *72 plus the 10-digit Assigned DID that you want to forward your calls to.

To enable delayed call forwarding (“no answer” or “busy signal”): Dial *71 plus the 10-digit Assigned DID that you want to forward your calls to.

To disable call forwarding: Dial *73.

Forwarding from Vonage
  1. Dial *72 from your Vonage phone and listen for the prompt.
  2. Enter the area code and 10-digit Assigned DID to which calls will be forwarded.
  3. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to enter a different phone number.
Forwarding from Wix
  1. Go to Business Phone Number in your site’s dashboard to access your settings.
  2. Click +Add Assigned DID in the Call Forwarding section.
  3. Click and select a call agent drop-down and add the desired call agent. Note: You can click Add Call Agent to add more agents to your team.
Forwarding from ZOOM Phone
  1. Sign into the ZOOM web portal.
  2. Click Phone.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. In the Business Hours or Closed Hours sections, click Edit next to Call Handling (see note on holiday hours below).
  5. Click Add Phone Number to forward to your Assigned DID.
  6. Make sure to select the correct Country/Region in the dropdown menu so you can add the external phone number. Some countries share the same country code but have separate entries in the dropdown menu.
  7. At Phone Number, enter your 10-digit Assigned DID.
  8. In the optional Description field, you can enter a description to help you identify your Assigned DID (for example, ReceptionHQ Fowarding Number).
  9. Click Save.
Holiday hours

To edit call handling settings for Holiday Hours, at step 4 simply click Manage next to Holiday List & Call Handling, select a holiday, then click Edit next to Call Handling.

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