Bilingual virtual receptionists: a shortcut to business growth

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In today’s global economy, US businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of expanding their customer base by tapping into new markets. One of the best ways to achieve this is by offering bilingual customer service.

The Hispanic population in America is rapidly growing and becoming an important demographic for businesses to target. The US already has the second-most Spanish speakers of any country in the world – and it’s expected to overtake Mexico by 2050.

About 1 in 8 American residents speak Spanish at home and, while the majority also speak English fluently, about one-third do not.

How to connect with more Spanish speakers in business

A bilingual answering service with Spanish-speaking receptionists is the easiest, most cost-effective way to expand into new markets in the US. Especially for small business owners.

It’s probable that your business already serves at least some Spanish-speaking customers. Yet it’s likely you have the potential to serve many more – including those who speak little, if any, English – if only you could overcome the language barrier.

Consider this: if you and your competitors are failing to connect with native Spanish speakers, they may currently feel inadequately serviced or even alienated within your market.

By providing bilingual support, your business can cater to this wider audience and increase your customer base without incurring significant costs. This has the potential to provide you with a significant competitive advantage. Of course, even if you have a fluent Spanish speaker on your team, unless the receptionist answering calls to your business number also speaks Spanish you will have a problem.

Benefits of using a bilingual answering service

While hiring and training bilingual reception staff can be expensive and time-consuming, outsourcing Spanish-speaking customer service to a team of bilingual virtual receptionists is far more cost-effective.

ReceptionHQ employs dedicated bilingual receptionists who are either fluent or native Spanish speakers. Working remotely – rather than at your business premises – they can handle customer inquiries over the phone and provide support to callers in either Spanish or English, including taking messages, qualifying leads, answering FAQs and even setting appointments.

By utilizing ReceptionHQ’s bilingual live call answering services, businesses can offer support in each customer’s preferred language and provide a meaningful human connection. This in turn can translate into a more positive experience, increase overall satisfaction levels and help to generate repeat business.

However you look at it, bilingual virtual receptionists enable your business to better capitalize on more opportunities. Imagine if your business becomes known for offering exceptional customer service for Spanish speakers. Through word-of-mouth recommendations and targeted marketing strategies, you’re almost certain to thrive!

Will all calls be answered in Spanish?

Whether your callers are predominantly Spanish speakers or your business expects to receive only a few calls from Spanish speakers each month, ReceptionHQ has the solution!

Our bilingual virtual receptionists are available to answer incoming calls from 5am to 8pm (MST) every single day. If most or all of your callers speak Spanish, all of your calls can be answered in Spanish by a bilingual virtual receptionist during these hours (with English call answering still available outside of those hours).

If your Spanish call volumes are low and you want bilingual receptionists as a backup only, your calls can still be answered in English by a non-bilingual receptionist:

  1. If the caller speaks in English and doesn’t request wanting assistance in Spanish, the call is handled in English.
  2. If the caller speaks in Spanish or asks for assistance in Spanish, they are asked to hold briefly and transferred to a bilingual team member for the call to proceed in Spanish.

Either way, there’s no additional cost compared to standard call answering in English.

You can even put our service to the test with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

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