The importance of human connection for your customers


Automation and technology often take center stage in today’s fast-paced business world. But it’s crucial to remember the role human interaction plays in customer service.

Efficiency gains make sense, but not if they’re to your detriment.

Human connection remains a cornerstone of exceptional customer experiences. So, when it comes to handling customer inquiries over the phone, what’s the answer? How do you achieve the perfect blend of efficiency and personalized service?

Hiring a full-time receptionist, whose job is only to answer calls, is inefficient. Especially if your call volumes fluctuate. Plus they can’t answer when:

  • They’re away on vacation
  • They’re off sick
  • They’re on a break
  • It’s outside business hours (including on weekends or holidays)

Yet attempting to answer all calls yourself is a recipe for disaster. As is relying on any random member of the team to pick up the phone when it rings. Missed calls will abound or productivity will take a hit. Likely both.

Sending callers to voicemail will likely result in hang-ups galore. And a lot of frustration among your customers.

The ultimate solution? Virtual receptionists provide businesses with a perfect blend of efficiency and personalized service.

The human touch in a digital world

Human connection remains unparalleled in providing exceptional customer experiences. And phone calls remain an integral part of customer support.

In fact, phone calls rank alongside email and in-person engagement as the top preferred communication channels for customers – above online chat, messenging apps, SMS, video chat and social media – according to Salesforce Research.

Every inbound business call presents an opportunity to connect with customers and ensuring callers always speak to a human generates more positive interactions. That’s why a professional answering service can help businesses thrive.

ReceptionHQ offers the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and human warmth. All while delivering enormous efficiency benefits.

Building unshakable trust and rapport

Virtual receptionists enable businesses to connect with more customers, by preventing missed calls. They’re also invaluable in ensuring superior customer service.

A big benefit is being able to provide assistance when it’s needed. Whether during business hours or after hours.

Imagine being a customer who gets through to a busy team member who’s distracted, unpleasant or generally unhelpful. Or consider the experience of a customer who goes through to voicemail … for the fourth time. Such scenarios can lead to considerable frustration. Even loss of business.

Now contrast that with a friendly receptionist who listens intently to the caller. And is empathetic to their needs. Even when it’s 10 minutes past the business’s closing time. Or late at night!

This is far more likely to foster long-lasting customer relationships. And contribute to you having fervent advocates of your business.

In fact, Salesforce Research shows that:

  1. More than 70% of customers make a purchase decision based on the quality of service
  2. More than 90% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience

How a professional answering service can deliver seamless interactions

ReceptionHQ takes great pride in creating a seamless extension of your business. Callers are unaware that the receptionist answering your call isn’t part of your in-house team nor seated at a desk within your business premises.

In the words of long-time ReceptionHQ client Barbara Richards, of United Faith Mortgage: “Utilizing the services of ReceptionHQ has enabled us to continue to offer our clients the personal service they have come to expect. We continue have the ability of responding to all calls in a timely manner while never missing an incoming call … and receiving numerous compliments from clients as to how our calls are answered.”

Our technology plays a big part in this. Before they answer each call, our receptionists can see business the call is for. Additionally, they can see:

  • How you’d like callers greeted
  • All the necessary information about your business to enable them to answer general inquiries
  • Specific instructions you’ve provided, such as how to handle different types of calls

This means the receptionists can adapt swiftly to each caller’s unique needs, significantly enhancing the customer experience, which in turn leads to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

Christopher Amos, from No Boundaries Marketing Group, says ReceptionHQ has “truly changed the way we do business”.

“From a customer service perspective, no caller goes to a voicemail. Now, they talk to a live person every single time. Someone who can listen to their wants, needs, or concerns, and relay the message in real-time so we can get it to the right person to handle their request!” he says.

Elevating the customer service experience

Businesses should harness technology where it’s beneficial for them. But the significance of human connection in customer service cannot be overstated.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the human connection provided by ReceptionHQ’s professional live call answering services.

Having real people answer calls promptly and provide personalized support builds trust, enhances the customer experience and ultimately drives success for your business.

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Fred McKie is a former newspaper journalist and small business owner who transitioned full-time into the world of digital marketing in 2017. As ReceptionHQ's Website & Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, he is thrilled to be a part of a company that helps businesses thrive.

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