Running your business remotely … from home or anywhere else


If you’re a small business owner who works remotely, such as working from home, using a virtual address and virtual reception solution can help your business appear larger and increase appeal.

Whether you have long been dreaming of travelling around the United States, or the world, while also being your own boss – living the life of a digital nomad – or you’re in the business start-up phase, wanting to avoid the massive overheads associated with commercial leases, have been forced into working remotely by COVID-19 restrictions or you choose to do so for any other reason, modern technology makes doing so easier than ever!

Technology is awesome

When yo use modern technology to operate your business, such as smartphones or computers, it does not matter if you are in a CBD office in a major city, working on a remote beach in the Caribbean or working out of your home. As long as you have power and Wi-Fi, you can work anywhere.

You can still maintain constant communication with your customers using various methods, which means if you are globetrotting, managing the time difference is likely your only barrier to work around.

Who wouldn’t love to earn a living while they relax and work on a beach or by a pool?

Creating an illusion

Many companies go a long way to create an illusion that they are operating from a specific address to make their customers happy. This includes setting up virtual addresses in city CBDs which can be advertised (and potentially used to set up online business listings such as Google My Business, which can provide local SEO benefits). This can be combined with an ReceptionHQ virtual receptionist service and have all of your calls answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The combination of a city center address and 24-hour telephone coverage goes a long way to making your business appear larger than it is.

You can have mail redirected and your phone can be answered in your business name, using your preferred greeting, with messages sent instantly to you and calls transfered if you are available to receive them. Using tech integrations, it’s even possible to have your call answering virtual assistants submit leads via your CRM or a webform or handle your Calendar management including scheduling appointments and handling postponements or cancellations.

Getting out of the office is good

If you are lucky enough to work in an industry where you can take your work on the road, you will find that there is plenty of opportunity to make valuable business connections along the way. There are many serviced offices in cities and towns all over the world, including co-working spaces where business people including digital nomads congregate and socialise.

You will be able to meet drop shippers, digital marketing gurus, kick-ass designers, talented web designers … and potentially discover new clients, new service providers or new collaboration partners.

Open lines of communication are essential

No matter what industry you are in, service or product that you supply, or geographic location of your target market in the world, the one thing that you need to do is keep the lines of communication open. Making sure that you have a telephone number that people can call is essential for your customers, and also making sure that you reply to emails promptly is also imperative.

With all of the apps and software that is available, including ReceptionHQ’s own app used for managing call answering services, running a business remotely has never been easier.

So if you have a passion for travel and work in an industry that you can work remotely, why not hit the road, become a digital nomad and get out there and see some of this beautiful world in which we all live.

Or, if you simply love working from home in what is quickly becoming the “new normal”, rest assured there are solutions to make that a whole lot more manageable and help your business to thrive.

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