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Customer connections are crucial in business. And every call to your business is an opportunity to make a connection.

Over 90% of callers want to speak with a live person. But what happens when you’re unable to take that call? Studies have shown that providing your callers with a live answering service will more than double the chance of them leaving a message and they are more likely to wait for a return call, rather than calling your competitor.

ReceptionHQ understands the importance of customer connections.

And that a great first impression increases sales and lead referrals.

Ensure your business calls are professionally answered 24/7

ReceptionHQ’s secret to helping you increase your sales and lead referrals is simple. With our team of highly-trained, courteous, friendly and professional receptionists, we’re an extension of your business.

We answer your calls with your customized greeting, screen your calls and handle them as you wish.

Take a message? No problem.

Transfer a call? Absolutely.

Schedule an appointment? It’s our pleasure.

ReceptionHQ provides options and features as customisable as your business requires.

All your calls are answered by a live receptionist.

Need call transfers? These are customizable too and directed by you.

Not available to take a call right now? Let us know in real-time via our ReceptionHQ smartphone app or online client portal.

We will send you your messages by text, email, or both.

Are you looking for more?

We can book appointments, fill out online forms – such as Helpdesk tickets – and answer frequently asked questions, place orders through your website and even navigate your callers to your location.

Do you need even more customization? Ask us. Chances are, we’ve been asked before.

And the best part? We’re ready to answer your calls 24/7.

Reliable call answering services for any size business

ReceptionHQ provides live answering solutions to a multitude of different companies, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

Some of the clients include:

  • Law offices – for messaging services, call transfers and after-hours support
  • Medical professions – for appointment-booking and urgent or emergency services
  • Real estate and consumer service companies – for assistance with on-call management
  • And even large call centres – for assistance with overflow and 24/7 support

Our clients love to share their business success stories with us, on how we saved them time, money and helped them grow their business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Activate your 7-day virtual reception free trial today

With our 7-day free trial and month-to-month subscriptions, you have nothing to lose.

Contact our team at 866-913-3533 or request a call back for help determining the best answering service solution for your business. Or go ahead and sign up for your free trial to start maximising your customer connections today.

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Our services are designed for any sized business.

Our clients range from small businesses and medium enterprises to large corporations. Our services have various packages and tailor-made solutions are available to suit high-volume or high-complex accounts.

Try our 7-day free trial

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