Telephone Answering Service
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Telephone Answering Service Telephone Answering Service
Telephone Answering Service
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Call (866) 883 3499
Telephone Answering Service
How the phone answering service works
Virtual Office Assistant
Your customers are greeted by our friendly receptionists with your company name and custom greeting of your choice.
Virtual Office Assistant
Calls can be transferred to you wherever you are, or a message is taken and sent to you by email and/or text.
Virtual Office Assistant
Telephone Answering Service Telephone Answering Service Telephone Answering Service Telephone Answering Service Telephone Answering Service

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ReceptionistPlus is our premium answering service that will ensure all your calls are answered professionally and promptly giving your business a fortune 500 image. Calls can be consult-transferred to you wherever you may be - or a message is taken and sent by email and/or text.
Telephone Answering Service
Message Express
We take a message from your callers and send this out instantly via email or text 24/7 365 days a year so you never miss a call again!
Telephone Answering Service
Manage your receptionist settings on your cell!
Apple iPhone 4 & Samsung Galaxy S4
Use our smart-phone apps to update your availability status and receptionist settings from anywhere, including:
- changing your greeting
- setting your diversion numbers
- updating your notes
- signing up for a free trial
- and more!

Android app on Google Play
Virtual Office Assistant Virtual Office Assistant

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Running a business takes up a lot of your time, and there are many areas that require extra attention. Managing your phone calls is a task that can take up all 24 hours of your day – which is why you have a receptionist. If you look at the situation clearly, you may notice that in order to answer all calls and keep a record of everything going on, you most probably need more than ten receptionists who never sleep or take a break from answering the calls.

There is, however, a solution to this problem: a telephone answering service. RECEPTIONHQ – THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR TELEPHONE NEEDS

The ReceptionistPlus service from ReceptionHQ is a telephone answering service that takes care of all your phone calls. This service transforms your normal phone line into a fully fledged operator service! All your calls are answered live by friendly operators and then our receptionists either take a detailed message or transfer the call to your cell or any phone number you like. Maintaining customer satisfaction in your client communications department could not be any easier.

If you are unable to take the call, the operators will be sure to take a message which will then be forwarded to you by whichever means you prefer (text and/or email). No message will be forgotten or get lost – you will be informed directly of any information that you may not have received. Answering services such as these will help you run your business smoothly with no extra stress on your behalf.

Our service will answer your calls 24/7 so you never miss that important business call again.

There are also many other features to this service, simply browsing this website will give you a better idea of what to expect from our premium phone answering service.


ReceptionHQ also offers you Virtual Office, a 24 hour answering and message center. In addition to your own virtual assistant and telephone answering service, you can set up any virtual office number in any central business district of the big cities. ReceptionHQ guarantees you the services of friendly receptionists that give your company that fortune 500 image that is vital in today’s business environment. HOW CAN I ORDER THESE SERVICES?

if you would like to order your virtual assistant or trial our service you can simply sign up by selecting the free trial. We will answer your calls immediately, and if you have additional questions or would just like some extra information, email Reception HQ at Alternatively, give us a call on our toll free number (866 883 3499).

This could be the best decision you’ll ever make in order to keep your business on track.